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Our doctors treat individuals like yourself who have been greatly affected by complicated neurological injuries or disorders. Our patients range from children with autism, to aging adults concerned about memory loss, to individuals who have suffered a TBI after a  life altering accident. If you have a complicated traumatic, degenerative, or developmental neurological condition, and your recovery has stalled, you’re ready for a consultation.

What makes Innova so unique is that your time at the clinic is tailored to your needs. No two strokes are alike, just like no two cases of vertigo or tremors are alike. You need and deserve a closer assessment to discover the underlying causes of your condition and symptoms.  Therapies are personally constructed based on an individual's unique levels of brain function. Innova's doctors closely track your results with advanced diagnostics and empower you to continue making gains with custom home therapies.

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According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, it takes an estimated average of 17 years for scientific discoveries to enter day-to-day clinical practice (1).

Are you tired of being treated in the past? Innova Brain uses cutting edge diagnostics and innovative rehabilitation strategies to solve your unresolved health issues.

John Westfall, James Mold, and Lyle Fagnan, “Practice-Based Research – ‘Blue Highways’ on NIH Roadmap,” Journal of American Medical Association 297, no. 4 (2007): 403-6


Concussion & Brain Injury

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Declining Brain Function

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Brain rehabilitation uses physical and sensory based exercises to rewire poorly functioning brain regions. By stimulating areas of your body connected to these parts of your neurology, our specialists guide the rewiring of your brain to reduce your symptoms and improve your health. With strengthened or repaired neurological pathways, our patients experience better function, sharpened cognition, reduced pain, and so many other benefits.


I had almost given up until I came across Dr. Duffy and Dr. Patterson at Innova Brain Rehabilitation. I had been to several neurologists over the last two years in search of a diagnosis to the uncontrollable muscle spasm in my neck and upper body and all I was told was that I had developed a motor tic in my late 30's.  How is that possible I asked? My brain MRI scans and blood work all came back negative. Neither neurologists had any answers for me except that I would have to be on medications for the rest of my life to control the tic and soothe the muscle spasms that were causing me such excruciating neck pain. I had been to massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturist, pain management, and dry needling for help. The only therapy that the neurologists suggested that I did not try was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but deep down I felt that this wasn't going to solve the issue. After meeting with Dr.'s Duffy & Patterson, they assured me that it wasn't in my head and changed my life in only 4 hours time. After an extensive history and thorough examination they were able to properly diagnose me and within the first three hours of working with me, the "tics" were reduced by 75% with some simple stability exercises designed specifically for my diagnosis.  After my first visit, Dr. Duffy followed up with me just to see how I was doing. How many doctors still do that today? I can't wait to go back for my follow up visit to show them my progress! They are truly passionate about their work and it shows in the way they care for their patients. They've changed my life and now I am no longer on medication. I am finally living a normal life without pain and I can't thank them enough.

Chris, Florida

I have been treated by Dr. Duffy and Dr. Patterson and can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that they have helped me so much. I went in nervous, anxious, confused, had constant brain fog, felt very dizzy and not in control of my life. I honestly wish I had found them many years ago. Had I done this, my life would have been so much better. The whole team was very welcoming, very nice and they put me at total ease. I left their clinic feeling normal with clarity and content.  I live in the U.K. so it's not so simple to see them on a regular basis, but I would definitely like to come back for further treatment. Come and see them, they can help you

Anna, Manchester UK

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