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Do I have a concussion?

Do I have a concussion? Concussion has been a popular topic for a few years now. However, by no means has it become less important to those of us who treat brain injury and individuals who have sustained one. Neuroscientists are continuing to make important discoveries related to brain development, physiology, injury mechanism, recovery, best…

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Neuroprotection: Put the brakes on cognitive decline

It’s time to slam on the brakes! Fighting cognitive decline is possible using the concept of Neuroprotection. Our brains are generating new brain cells every day. The key is to not lose these at a faster rate than we’re producing. Neuroprotection refers to methods put in place to slow or reverse the effects of neurological…

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The Amazing Capacity of Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity! What is it? Is it related to Tupperware? or maybe a new eating utensil at a picnic? No. Not even close. It is what makes the human brain the most incredible organ in the universe. Neuroplasticity is the amazing capacity of the brain to re-program and actually re-wire itself! So what does that really…

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