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Post-Stroke: It’s Never Too Late

Last night Dr. Patterson spoke to The Young and the Restless of Atlanta, a group of stroke survivors that meet monthly at Northside Hospital.  We were so happy to be invited to speak by this welcoming and motivated group. Dr. Patterson enjoys talking about the brain – especially about the concept of neuroplasticity. He titled…

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A New Look at the Brain & Autism

This week our doctors hosted a talk called “A New Look at The Brain & Autism”. Dr. Patterson and Dr. Duffy provided attendees the opportunity to understand Autism in a new way through the lens of clinical neuroscience. We had a great time meeting everyone and always appreciate your sharing about your loved ones.  …

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Multiple Doctors and No Answers?

The Innova Brain doctors treat those suffering from a myriad of neurological injuries and disorders. Our scope is comprised of well-known and often talked about diagnoses like TBI and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as conditions that are considered rare or hard to treat, such as POTS and MdDS. We treat a wide range of issues…

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Should I Schedule a Consultation?

Are you wondering if our doctors can help you? Or why we can help when you’ve already seen 3 other specialists? Or maybe you’re wondering if Chiropractic Neurology is a good fit for a family member? Call the office to schedule a complimentary consultation. It’s an opportunity for you to share your circumstances with the…

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