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Concussion Prevention In the Pre-Season

Back to school season is here! And that means it’s time to gear up for fall sports. Most teams are already in the midst of pre-season training, and there’s no better time to think about protecting your child’s brain. We know that sports-related concussions (SRCs) are on the rise (1). What can parents do to…
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Complex Movements: Part 1, Unique Therapies

Contributed by our Summer 2019 Student Intern, Nicholas Weston   At Innova Brain, we harness the brain’s power of neuroplasticity to restore function and reduce pain.  The brain and its neurological network can be optimized for the better with the proper type and amount of stimulation. Our  doctors identify the areas that contain weak functional…
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Post-Stroke: It’s Never Too Late

Last night Dr. Patterson spoke to The Young and the Restless of Atlanta, a group of stroke survivors that meet monthly at Northside Hospital.  We were so happy to be invited to speak by this welcoming and motivated group. Dr. Patterson enjoys talking about the brain – especially about the concept of neuroplasticity. He titled…
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A New Look at the Brain & Autism

This week our doctors hosted a talk called “A New Look at The Brain & Autism”. Dr. Patterson and Dr. Duffy provided attendees the opportunity to understand Autism in a new way through the lens of clinical neuroscience. We had a great time meeting everyone and always appreciate your sharing about your loved ones.  …
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Understanding Mal de Débarquement

All of us have probably experienced at least a slight amount of “land sickness” when returning to land after being in a rocking boat for a while. That is a very temporary, and usually less disturbing readjustment period. Our brain has to “un-sync” with the rhythmic rocking of the watercraft, and re-establishes the “default program…
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Part 3: SPD Classifications

Category 3, Sensory-Based Motor Disorder (SBMD) Welcome to Part 3 in our 4 part series covering the categories of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD). At this point in the series you are empowering yourself to understand and empathize with the challenges that face your loved one living with SPD. When you understand your loved one’s experience…
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Part 2: SPD Classifications

Category 2, Sensory Discrimination Disorder (SDD) This is part 2 in a series covering the categories of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).  I encourage you to read Part 1 of the series and the page on our website dedicated to SPD. before reading this blog post. If you’re caught up, let’s continue the discussion. Remember that…
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Part 1: SPD Classifications

Category 1, Sensory Modulation Disorder If you’re new to sensory processing disorder, I highly recommend getting some more background on our page that goes more in depth into SPD. When your loved one receives a SPD diagnosis, they may be placed in a specific category or sub-category classification based on their movements, behaviors, and signs/symptoms.…
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Do I have a concussion?

Do I have a concussion? Concussion has been a popular topic for a few years now. However, by no means has it become less important to those of us who treat brain injury and individuals who have sustained one. Neuroscientists are continuing to make important discoveries related to brain development, physiology, injury mechanism, recovery, best…
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Neuroprotection: Put the brakes on cognitive decline

It’s time to slam on the brakes! Fighting cognitive decline is possible using the concept of Neuroprotection. Our brains are generating new brain cells every day. The key is to not lose these at a faster rate than we’re producing. Neuroprotection refers to methods put in place to slow or reverse the effects of neurological…
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The Amazing Capacity of Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity! What is it? Is it related to Tupperware? or maybe a new eating utensil at a picnic? No. Not even close. It is what makes the human brain the most incredible organ in the universe. Neuroplasticity is the amazing capacity of the brain to re-program and actually re-wire itself! So what does that really…
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A Day In The Life: An SPD Child Goes Grocery Shopping

What’s it like to live with Sensory Processing Disorder? Imagine yourself as a child walking through the grocery store with your mother. All day you’ve felt the slow strangle of your turtleneck and your itchy shirt tag. You’re already agitated from your itchy sweater and a long day at school, and now your Mom is making…
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The 2 Hidden Senses

You’re familiar with the five senses: taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight, but did you know there’s actually 2 more?  And they’re very important! These are proprioception and vestibular sense, and they help you stand upright and move. But first, let’s talk about the senses you’re familiar with. What are they and why are they…
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Multiple Doctors and No Answers?

The Innova Brain doctors treat those suffering from a myriad of neurological injuries and disorders. Our scope is comprised of well-known and often talked about diagnoses like TBI and Parkinson’s Disease, as well as conditions that are considered rare or hard to treat, such as POTS and MdDS. We treat a wide range of issues…
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Should I Schedule a Consultation?

Are you wondering if our doctors can help you? Or why we can help when you’ve already seen 3 other specialists? Or maybe you’re wondering if Chiropractic Neurology is a good fit for a family member? Call the office to schedule a complimentary consultation. It’s an opportunity for you to share your circumstances with the…
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