Our Approach to Diagnosis

Our doctors go beyond giving you a label. Innova patients are given an in-depth understanding of their neurology, the mechanisms involved and the path to create change.

Neurological issues are not one size fits all

If you've been referred to our clinic or you’ve found our website, chances are you or a loved one has been dealing with a complicated health issue for a while. You've probably tried several therapies, treatments, and medications, without the results you need.  Why do some treatments work for some and not for others? Here is the key... two people can have the same symptoms or diagnosis, with very different causes. One diagnosis, yet two distinct causes.

For example, two individuals have been concussed, causing light and sound sensitivities, in addition to memory issues.  Both have sustained a brain injury, but different areas of the brain have been affected in each person. One may have an issue in their brainstem, while the other has a problem in their cerebellum. No two concussions are alike. This is the same situation with many other issues like Parkinson's, dementia, stroke, autism, ADHD, migraines and more. Traditional treatments work well for some but not for others, because the cause of the problem is different for each person. This means that you need to find the cause of your symptoms and the right treatment for you.

Your problem is unique to you.  Come to a doctor that treats the whole person.

What makes Innova's approach to diagnosing your problem so innovative?

Your brain controls all the organs and systems within your body. That’s why at Innova Brain Rehabilitation, we take a whole body approach, closely testing your nervous system and physiology. When the brain sustains damage or there was a developmental issue from the start, pathways begin to breakdown and your neurology can’t keep sustain your organs and systems. You experience the brain’s dysfunction in the form of symptoms.  At Innova Brain, we look deeply into your neurology and physiology to find the origin of your disconnect.

An Innova Brain diagnosis leaves no stone unturned

The process starts with the doctor listening to what you’re experiencing and how you’re feeling.  A thorough review of your past health records is conducted. Understanding your history allows your doctor to ask specific questions and to gain insight into the true nature of your condition. The next step is testing brain function.

The Innova Brain approach utilizes cutting edge diagnostics to dynamically test your nervous system in a new and different way. These include computerized balance assessments, infrared eye movement tracking, reaction time recordings, and cognitive assessments for visual and auditory memory, attention, and visuospatial processing . Testing your brain continues with an in depth examination that studies your eyes, ears, other senses, reflexes, listening to your heart, etc.  The brain controls each of these functions, so our assessments allow the doctors to test your brain's individual parts, at a systems level, and as a whole. The global testing combined with the regionalized testing gives the doctor an encompassing look at your brain’s capabilities.

Our diagnostic testing and examination procedures are utilized to undercover the activities your brain may be struggling with. Perhaps your pupils don’t constrict or your eyes can’t stay still.  These are subtle things you may not have noticed before but they are very important. We track and measure these biomarkers to assess your brain function improvement.

Biomarkers allow us to answer four critical questions for successful brain rehabilitation.

  • Which areas of your brain are affected?
  • How severely are your areas compromised?
  • What treatment strategies are best suited to address your problem?
  • How are you progressing and improving?

Our doctors will discuss your biomarkers with you in great detail to demonstrate how they relate to your brain and symptoms. The next step is discussing a carefully customized treatment plan that addresses your unique neurological needs.

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