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A chiropractic neurologist, often referred to as a functional neurologist, is a doctor who harnesses the body’s sensory systems to treat brain injury, developmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Just as doctors of the medical profession may choose to specialize in a specific area or population, such as dermatologists or pediatricians, chiropractors may choose to focus and pursue a specific realm. Our doctors have dedicated their careers to treating complex neurological cases.

Licensed by the American Board of Chiropractic Neurology, our doctors hold certification in brain rehabilitation in addition to their traditional chiropractic degrees. Additionally, Dr. Duffy and Dr. Patterson hold prestigious fellowships in the management of mild traumatic brain injury through the American Board of Brain Injury Rehabilitation. Together they have completed thousands of hours of post-doctorate work and continue their studies to maintain their forward thinking knowledge of the brain.

Chiropractic neurologists utilize functional and holistic methods in their analysis and management of brain injury,  developmental and neurodegenerative disorders. Medical neurologists rely heavily on imaging and other diagnostic procedures to diagnose conditions. Treatment often includes pharmacological interventions, surgery,  and/or referral to various therapists to treat symptoms.

The Innova approach is unique because our doctors systematically test the function of each brain region with evidence-based procedures to make their diagnosis.  The dysfunctional areas are rehabilitated with non-invasive sensory and movement based therapies. The strengthened neurology will enhance brain and body function, reducing symptoms and improving performance.

Pharmacology, while medically necessary in certain situations,  has an effect on the entire brain and body, intended or unintended. This is why side effects can occur. Our doctors do not prescribe medication as part of their practice, but will co-manage your case with your medical provider or make a referral when necessary.

Brain rehabilitation is the targeted repairing and strengthening of the processing centers and communicative pathways that comprise your nervous system. Our doctors are experts in the field of brain function and neuroplasticity - the brain’s ability to adapt and change. Every patient has unique patterns of compromised brain function. The poorly functioning neural processing centers and pathways behind your symptoms are identified, and customized non-invasive therapies are utilized to repair the root cause. Our methods stimulate areas of the body connected to dysfunctional regions of the brain to guide the rewiring of your neurology. Precise stimulation is applied to enhance or create new and lasting functionality.

Treatments are very specific to each patient because no two brain injuries or disorders are alike. Depending on your condition and metabolic capacity, your therapies might include ocular movements, balance and coordination training, cognitive exercises, chiropractic adjustments, the Gyrostim (multi-axis rotating chair), and other contemporary research based therapies. Innova Brain doctors are constantly implementing new therapies as more exciting research is published. 

We are often asked, “What therapies do you do for a particular condition?” such as concussion, autism, stroke, etc. We wish it was a simple answer, but every case is truly unique.  Patients that share the same diagnosis may have different areas of the brain that aren’t functioning properly.  That’s why your treatment at Innova Brain may be very different from someone else with the exact same diagnosis. Some diagnoses have commonly involved brain areas, such as Parkinson's Disease and the basal ganglia, ADHD and the frontal lobes, and vertigo with processing of information from the inner ear.  However, the brain is a complex network, much like a “game of telephone”.  When problems arise in one area, issues can get passed down the chain and our doctors must find where and why the disconnect is happening.  One ADHD patient may have an issue in the frontal lobes directly, but another may have an issue in another area called the cerebellum that heavily communicates with frontal lobes. Everyone's brain is unique, so you need exercises specific to your brain.

Our therapies may leave patients with minor to minimal reported side effects. Patients may have a mild increase in pre-existing symptoms for a short period, and may experience fatigue after a day of therapy, but generally speaking, our patients’ side effects are minimal and short-lived.

Chiropractic adjustments are powerful barrages of stimulation to the nervous system. The doctor will decide if and when a chiropractic adjustment will aid in your recovery.

The Gyrostim is a multi-axis rotational chair that provides precise vestibular and sensorimotor stimulation for brain rehabilitation. Our facility is one of the few in the world that has a Gyrostim unit to bring patients a higher level of service. The doctors will decide if you are a good candidate for the powerful stimulation it provides.

Yes. We encourage our patients to provide their doctor with their past medical records. Kindly email or fax your documents, or bring them to your consultation or your first appointment. Records such as imaging and associated reports, lab results, diagnostic reports, and discharge summaries are particularly helpful.

Of course, if you would like us to. With your permission, we will contact your referring clinician to share our findings and your treatment strategies. We prefer that your entire healthcare team and support system be up to speed.

You do not need a referral to become an Innova patient. We typically start with a complimentary consultation to ensure that you are a good candidate for our care. We will only accept those patients that we believe we can significantly impact.

Many of our patients travel to see us. We have discounted rates at hotels in the area and our Patient Care Coordinator is happy to help you find grocery stores, restaurants, or whatever you need to make your stay comfortable (and even fun!)

We prefer to start with a conversation.   Call the office to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our doctors.  Consultations are an excellent way to learn about our work and experience the clinic firsthand. Our doctors will gain an understanding of your situation and goals and talk to you about what’s possible with brain rehabilitation. If they feel you’re better suited for another option, they will make the appropriate referral. Consultations are free of charge and can also be done by phone for out of town patients.

Don’t see your question here?

Call or email our Patient Care Coordinator at 770-485-6554 or info@innovabrain.com.