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Working Together to Best Serve Our Patients

The importance of collaboration

Our mission is to help our patient’s gain functionality and reach their goals, whether it’s feeling like themselves again after a stroke or increased attention in school. At Innova Brain, we know it often takes a team of professionals to serve those with a brain injury, developmental, movement and degenerative brain disorders. We rely on a community of clinicians in various fields to assist in our patient’s recovery, and we are available to practitioners whose patients require a closer look in the neurology realm.

Referring patients for neuro-rehabilitation

Our unique in-depth diagnostics and clinical neuroscience approach allows our doctors to assist with the most complex of neurologically based issues. Intensive rehabilitation typically occurs in one week increments utilizing intensity and frequency to stabilize the malfunctioning pathways. Once the doctor sees the needed changes within the brain, the patient is trained on how to perform their personalized home exercises that can be completed with or in conjunction with their referring doctor.

What types of patients are right for Innova Brain?

Many Innova Brain patients have made progress with traditional healthcare practitioners before they seek out our doctors. However, they have typically arrived at the point where new neurological capability needs unlocking in order to get to the next level. Some examples are lingering post-concussion symptoms, persistent vertigo/dizziness, persistent learning challenges, or a post-stroke survivor with unmet goals. See a full list of conditions we have success with here.

Our patients are highly motivated to get better and are seeking a non-invasive conservative option.

Referring Your Patient and what to expect

Contact our office to speak with a doctor about the case. If you determine that Innova is the best option for your patient, we will contact your patient to set-up a consultation. If you would rather your patient contact us directly, please notify us in advance so that we may watch for their call.

At your request and with the patient’s permission, Innova Brain will stay in close communication with you throughout the patient’s evaluation and treatment. Patient records will be sent at the conclusion of their care, and the doctor will speak with you about the home exercise protocol and general continued care at your office.

If you are considering referring a patient or need additional information about our services, contact our Patient Care Coordinator today at 770-485-6554 or

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Speak to an Innova doctor about what’s possible for your patient with clinical neuroscience.  Call 770-485-6554 to schedule.

Resolving neurological challenges with Innova Brain opens new avenues for care in your clinic, whether it’s new ranges of motion requiring strengthening and reinforcement exercises from a PT, better emotional and behavioral control that allows for further progress with a counselor, or wellness visits with their chiropractor.

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Speak to an Innova doctor about what’s possible for your patient with clinical neuroscience.  Call 770-485-6554 to schedule.