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Concussion in sports

Are athletic concussions on the rise or are we simply more aware?. In the United States (US), an estimated 300,000 sports-related concussions occur annually (1).  Innova Brain Rehabilitation concussion specialists work with athletes, coaches, trainers, and school administrators on concussion prevention and recovery as well as performance enhancement.

Innovative treatment for today’s athlete

In many cases, athletes begin to feel better shortly after their collision and begin the graded “return to play” process. When symptoms linger, patients receive medication for their symptoms in combination with the traditional “watch and wait” method. The hope is that restful days without stimulation will allow the brain to heal. However, 10-20% of concussed individuals experience symptoms weeks, months, or even years after their concussion (2). If your athlete continues to experience symptoms after 30 days, it is time to contact Innova Brain.

Innova Brain offers cutting edge concussion treatment for athletes of all ages. Board certified in brain injury rehabilitation, our doctors' principles are based upon the most current concussion research. Our clinic utilizes specialized diagnostics and rehabilitation strategies not employed in most traditional rehab facilities. No two concussions are alike, and each athlete deserves tailored care. The Innova doctors spend time with their patients in order to take a deeper look and pinpoint the areas of dysfunction.  By locating the problematic regions of the brain, we can target the cause of your athlete’s symptoms (headache, “brain fog”, light sensitivity, etc). Neurological therapies are employed with great specificity to restore full functionality as quickly as possible for return to play, return to learn, and return to life.

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Reduce recovery time for your athletes.

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Concussion baselines

Innova Brain Rehabilitation provides Concussion Baselines for athletes of all competition levels. A baseline is a series of tests designed to capture an athlete’s current neurological capabilities. Baselines are used to establish an individual's “normal”. If an athlete receives a concussion later in the season, the baseline testing is repeated to identify altered function.

The Innova baseline is uniquely comprehensive. Traditional baselines often required for athletic competition will capture the brain’s neurocognitive abilities, but are unable to identify which areas of the brain have been injured or aren’t working efficiently.  The ability to pinpoint these areas quickly leads to a more rapid recovery. That’s why Innova Brain baselines and post injury testing focuses on identifying specific areas of dysfunction that leads to symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea, irritability, etc. Our testing includes specialized diagnostics not found in most rehab facilities such as video-oculography and computerized dynamic posturography. These tests study multiple areas of the brain by assessing the athlete’s eye movements, vestibular system (balance and coordination), cognitive skills, and more.

We offer individual and team baseline packages

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Performance enhancement

Performance is dependent on the brain’s processing speed and accuracy. An athlete is at their best when the brain is working at maximum efficiency. Our doctors assist athletes in improving their reaction time, split second decision making, balance, speed, and coordination. When these systems are enhanced, injuries can be avoided, and a competitive edge will be achieved.

Partnering with Innova Brain Rehabilitation

Return to play safer, faster, better.  Let our concussion specialists be a resource for your team. Our doctors speak to coaches, teams, trainers, athletic directors, students and parents about the latest research in concussion prevention and recovery, as well as performance enhancement possibilities.


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