Gyrostim Therapy

The Gyrostim is a powerful brain rehabilitation instrument. Our clinic is one of a few in the world that has a Gyrostim enabling Innova Brain to bring a higher level of service to our patients.*

The Gyrostim is a multi-axis rotational chair that uses motion and gravity to stimulate and exercise your vestibular, visual and sensorimotor systems. By rotating you in a specific direction at a designated speed, the doctors create change in targeted areas of your brain. The speed, direction, and duration of your rotation are designed specifically for you. Typically, patients start with very small and slow movements, working up to faster, more complex movements if necessary. 

The Gyrostim can be a powerful aid in the treatment of TBI, concussion, Autism, and all manner of neurological disorders and neurodegenerative conditions. If you have questions about the Gyrostim or wonder if it’s a good fit for you, please contact our office.  

*The Gyrostim isn’t an appropriate therapy for everyone. Our doctors custom match their patients to the therapies that will work best for them. Patients are carefully screened before beginning whole body rotational therapy, which can range from very mild to robust movement. 


Cutting edge therapies

Our office specializes in unique therapies for complex cases. Call to learn if the Gyrostim is the right treatment for you.