How We Help Athletes

What you need to know about Peak Athletic Performance

Not all athletics are dependent on physical characteristics (such as strength and endurance). However, all athletics require the ability to push the brain to its limit. As a matter of fact, science is discovering that many of today's physical (body) performance limitations are actually governed by neurological limitations. This makes perfect sense because the brain directly controls the body. Spatial awareness, visual processing, proprioception, motor coordination, motor recruitment, speed, planning, focus, motivational drive, reaction time, and emotional control are just some of the many neurological features that athletes need to master.

How We Optimize Your Athletic Capability

Performance is defined as how well a person does an activity. In order to enhance or optimize athletic performance, the activities relevant to the athlete must be measured. This is how P3 or the "Plasticity Performance Profile" is completely unique. Our Director of Human Performance--with his background in biomechanics, neurology, and psychology, and experience with professional and olympic athletes, special military forces, and law enforcement--worked with our Clinical Director to create the world's most comprehensive athletic performance assessment. It includes 3 days of physical, mental, and neurological testing to establish a placement of cardiovascular and biomechanical function, kinematics, force production, endurance, coordination, visual and spatial processing, and executive function.

Once we have measured your function, we can develop a program to help your brain-body-mind-chemistry connections break through performance barriers, dominate competition, re-define what is possible, and Unleash Your Brain's Potential®.

Unleash Your Brain's Potential®

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