Julia's Story

Julia came to Innova Brain with a history of multiple concussions and hypersomnia. Watch her story to learn why there's hope and help available for those suffering from concussion and mTBI.

Molly's Story

In 2008, Molly was involved in a life altering car accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Molly has never stopped working towards recovery and came to Innova Brain Rehabilitation in 2017 with the goal of improving her speech and walking. This video captures some of Molly's work with Dr. Patterson, and the amazing strides they made even a decade post-injury

Liz's Story

A busy Mom and entrepreneur, Liz was struggling with a complex and debilitating case of vertigo. Learn about how Innova Brain's innovative drug-free strategies got her back to work and back to her family.

My daughter Julia loved sports! She was a gymnast for 8 years with little injury to her body other than joints and such. When she left gymnastics she went to soccer. She loved soccer. She was an athlete that always gave 110%. She did so in soccer and about a year later came away with two big concussions. The first possible being the worst. She had several head hits in between. She became a different kid in so many ways. Life changed for her forever with these injuries. Prior to these concussions I had no knowledge of head injuries and what they do to a person. You can monitor the brain damage, but you cannot really fix it. We saw the neurologists, and ended up on depression medicine. This was to make her feel better for how much her quality of life was compromised. Julia suffered from anger, a brain that never rested, and slept all the time. It was mass confusion to watch her try to function normally.

We ended up at Emory and she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Hypersomnia, a sleep disorder where one cannot stay awake. She was put on a medicine called Modafinil that is actually used for test pilots to stay awake for multiple days in a row. It kept Julia going a half a day a dose. We proceeded forward with this answer, this was helping, and all we knew to do. It helped only to the point though, that she felt, it was managed. She still struggled to stay awake as the medicine wore off, she hated being dependent on a drug to be awake, and it just didn’t fix the stuff still so wrong in her brain.
After a semester in college it became clear we needed more help. Memory and many other areas still couldn't let me forget the brain part. Julia was coming to me telling me things like, she didn’t remember why she was going somewhere when she got there. Decision making also continued to dive. And I don’t mean “normal for her age” decision making troubles. It was very evident the concussions were still impacting things. I read so many blogs of people in the same situation. I know the research is starting to grow on head injuries, but I still didn't know what to do. I called many places, all ready to treat immediately after the concussion.

After searching and searching, I found the wonderful place called Innova brain. I can't say enough in a few sentences to say what Dr. Duffy, Leslie, and Dr. Patterson have done for us. Julia's life was getting better so quick after we saw them in May. This place was an answer to prayer. They knew our story all too well. Their methods on brain rehabilitation are so revolutionary. Unfortunately, while we were working to keep improving, the unthinkable happened. Julia was at the lake and did a double flip from a two story dock, she hit her face hard on the water. She got a black eye and, you guessed it, another concussion. It was a life changing experience to have Dr. Duffy to email and text with us to get her through the night and saw us the next morning. My stress level was so different because I knew he could help us. And we spent some time there again and I didn't mind at all because it was going back to keep the improvement going. They got her back on track again.

I appreciate this place and the staff so much, I cannot express a mom's gratitude for finding this place. I praise God for leading me here. Thank you Innova Brain for all you have done to help us and continue to do. This doesn't feel near enough to say. But to let the most amount of people to know who you are and what you do. You change lives, in a positive way. You don't just helped the injured, you help the whole family! We love you guys!!!



I have never been to a medical practice of any kind that could approach Innova's individualized care, devotion, and humanity. From the first phone call, where you're greeted by the patient coordinator, Leslie, with warmth and friendliness you'd expect from someone you'd known your whole life---to the doctors who work tirelessly and with boundless kindness and patience to get to the root of your problem and prescribe real solutions. They also have senses of humor, which helped me feel instantly safe.

You'll have the most thorough initial exam and consultation you've ever had, and most likely, the doctors will discover things in a few hours that no mainstream neurologists had had the time or inclination to uncover in your pursuit for answers and help. 

The doctors at Innova change lives. And not with magic, but with science, specificity, and hands-on intervention.

I was losing control of half of my body, particularly my foot. Within the first few days of treatment, Dr. Duffy had me tapping it like Gregory Hines. My balance was noticeably better. And I could walk like a normal person, not lurch like a Frankenstein monster.

We continue to work--you have to be ready to devote some months to getting better, and I've had problems that have persisted. This is where Innova and Dr. Duffy truly blew my mind. He didn't write me off, he came up with yet MORE solutions, including looking at the latest research and involving other practitioners in my care when it was clear there were some unaddressed medical issues. And he and Leslie continue to always be available by phone and email with questions and freak-outs and for same-day appointments if I have an issue that needs more hands-on help.

This practice is special. If you're close to giving up, as I was, and this feels like your last hope, trust me when I say it is definitely a place for HOPE. And you might laugh while you're there too.



Dr. Duffy's prompt 45 min phone consultation late one Friday afternoon the same day I had first called Innova Brain set this clinic apart from the start and that one of a kind, genuine, top of the line care continued throughout my week of evaluation and treatment. I am a physical therapist, mom of 3 young children and have experienced unexplained neurological symptoms and impairments for 5.5 years. Dr. Duffy gave me individualized, sincere, extensive, well informed care that I've found no where else as I've sought answers. I was very fearful to go through the evaluation and testing, but Dr. Duffy and Leslie made the experience so much easier with their genuine care and constant communication providing reassurance and understanding. I'm so thankful for Innova Brain to help turn a very rough journey in the right direction toward long awaited healing and hope!



Innova Brain Rehabilitation  has drastically improved my quality of life! For many years I was lived with chronic headaches and migraines. During this time, I believed the best solution was to reach for a couple ibuprofen, suck it up, and keep moving. Seeing how I had already been to two different doctors whom barely listened to my list of symptoms and were ready to prescribe me some medication without performing any true diagnostic workup. I truly believed that living with headaches and migraines was just something I’d have to live with.


It was not until I was treated by Dr. Duffy that I learned that living with chronic pain, of any kind, is NOT NORMAL! Dr. Duffy took the time to listen to me, was able to identify things that even I was not consciously aware of and developed a plan of care that has notably improved my health and overall well-being. Dr. Duffy took the time to educate me on how chronic pain can change the brain in negative ways and how it can be an indicator that things are not processing properly at a neurological level. Dr. Duffy also educated me on how those ibuprofen pills I took, like a regular part of my diet, could really cause more health problems in my intestines with prolonged use.


During my first few appointments, Dr. Duffy ran several holistic diagnostic tests on me. Dr. Duffy was able to determine that my oculomotor skills (eye movement) were impaired and that this impairment required areas of my brain to have to “remap” my environment more times than normal all day, every day. I have since been treated by Dr. Duffy for about a year now. I no longer experience the headaches or migraines that use to cause me so much pain and robbed me of my energy, my ability to pay attention, and interact with my environment efficiently. Dr. Duffy is an amazing doctor and truly cares for his patients. He has changed my life in ways that no review could ever sum up and I highly highly recommend his care to anyone who may be suffering from any disabling ailment.



For the last 7 years I have been asking myself  "why" and "how"  questions. During my deployment to Iraq from 2008 to 2010 OEF, I took a very hard fall during duty and passed out for 5 to 10 seconds. The only thing that I was treated for was neck injury. Since then I had headaches 4 times a week and some days were unbearable. I was in GA for 6 weeks and my insides told me to keep searching for answers and help. I did just that and just picked up the phone and dialed Innova Brain Rehabilitation just seeing if I could receive some medications to help while I was down here.


I got the chance to talk with Dr. Duffy and he told me they use a different approach. He grabbed my interest and I decided to try their screening for new patients. During the exam I experienced a lot of symptoms that had surprised me. What surprised me was that he addressed other conditions that I suffer from that I was embarrassed to tell him. He described how Post-concussion of the brain could be a factor for a lot of other disorders. He told me about sleep difficulty, memory loss and PTSD. I am 31 year old male that is in shape,  has sleep apnea that uses a Cpap machine. I am embarrassed and hide from others that I have PTSD. It frustrated me that I was unable to remember names and had to stop going to college because I had difficulty learning, going to see doctor after doctor that just looked at me and gave me medications, or answers that didn't make any sense. Dr. Duffy honestly and emotionally answered a lot of my questions. He recommend that I see another chiropractic neurologist near where I live as I was only going to be in the area for a few more days.


North Carolina

This boy was such a trooper after 4 days of rigorous and exhausting brain rehabilitation. I want to respect [my son’s] privacy so I do not wish to share the specifics of his condition, but after several years and MANY holistic therapies then, out of desperation, turning to pharmaceuticals as a last ditch effort to help manage his cognitive function (which we ultimately stopped due to side effects), I am amazed at these results after just four days. I am even more amazed that therapies like this exists and very few people know about it. I feel like I would do an injustice by not sharing this. People come from all over, including other countries to see these doctors and get this treatment. If you have exhausted treatment for neurological disorders, childhood disorders, mood disorders, PTSD, or declining brain function, and you are looking for hope, I am confident this can be your answer. PM me if this is something that may sound like it would help you and you'd like more information.



My mind was blown when I learned I could make so much progress in only 5 days. Although the therapy is rigorous, you receive plenty of breaks to allow your brain to rejuvenate and relax.  It's not at all what you expect! These doctors are amazing because they continue to check up on you after you leave, and make sure you are doing well.

Molly W.


I had almost given up until I came across Dr. Duffy and Dr. Patterson at Innova Brain Rehabilitation. I had been to several neurologists over the last two years in search of a diagnosis to the uncontrollable muscle spasm in my neck and upper body and all I was told was that I had developed a motor tic in my late 30's.  How is that possible I asked? My brain MRI scans and blood work all came back negative. Neither neurologists had any answers for me except that I would have to be on medications for the rest of my life to control the tic and soothe the muscle spasms that were causing me such excruciating neck pain. I had been to massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturist, pain management, and dry needling for help. The only therapy that the neurologists suggested that I did not try was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but deep down I felt that this wasn't going to solve the issue. After meeting with Dr.'s Duffy & Patterson, they assured me that it wasn't in my head and changed my life in only 4 hours time. After an extensive history and thorough examination they were able to properly diagnose me and within the first three hours of working with me, the "tics" were reduced by 75% with some simple stability exercises designed specifically for my diagnosis.  After my first visit, Dr. Duffy followed up with me just to see how I was doing. How many doctors still do that today? I can't wait to go back for my follow up visit to show them my progress! They are truly passionate about their work and it shows in the way they care for their patients. They've changed my life and now I am no longer on medication. I am finally living a normal life without pain and I can't thank them enough.



I have been treated by Dr. Duffy and Dr. Patterson and can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that they have helped me so much. I went in nervous, anxious, confused, had constant brain fog, felt very dizzy and not in control of my life. I honestly wish I had found them many years ago. Had I done this, my life would have been so much better. The whole team was very welcoming, very nice and they put me at total ease. I left their clinic feeling normal with clarity and content.  I live in the U.K. so it's not so simple to see them on a regular basis, but I would definitely like to come back for further treatment. Come and see them, they can help you!


Manchester, UK

Dr. Patterson and Dr. Duffy are absolutely amazing! This is some of the best technology I have seen in use for helping individuals who are in need of life transforming treatment. People come from across the world to see these two doctors. They are so nice, loving, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable about the brain.


My 6 year old boy was struggling with some tic type movements and outbursts of anger. Dr. Patterson found an imbalance in his brain using state of the art diagnostic technology. Then my boy got to ride in another highly sophisticated piece of equipment that is certified for NASA. I am so thankful for all these two have done for my boy. He now acts like the extremely intelligent boy he is without any issues with anger or tics.


If you suffer from any ailment or disorder that has not been able to be treated by multiple doctors or neurologists this is the place to go for answers. They have the answers.


Reach out to Leslie at the front desk. She is so nice, helpful and considerate of what you may be going through.

I love this place! Thank you Dr. Patterson for all you do.



My junior year of High School I sustained a catastrophic concussion. Prior to the incident, I was achieving excellent marks in honors and AP classes, but suddenly I was unable to look at a page in my textbook for more than a minute. Traditional doctors told me to rest and prescribed my stimulants as a means of “fixing” my problem; I fell behind in school, my grades dropped dramatically, and I felt like a hollow shell of my former self. Although the drugs helped me focus and the rest kept me awake, I was merely subsisting, not recovering. I finished junior year having completed just two classes—the rest were incompletes, and I was faced with the prospect of doing extra years of high school to reach college, or perhaps not reaching college at all.


The future was grim, until I met Dr. Duffy. It is difficult for me to come up with enough superlatives to describe my experience with him. Dr. Duffy immediately highlighted my deficiencies in a manner no traditional doctor had, identifying tangible issues with my processing speed and eye movements, rather than relying on buzzwords like “foggy” to determine my course of treatment. Further, he recognized issues I was having but had never even brought up in the context of my concussion—neck and jaw problems, balance issues, facial twitches. My initial assessment left me bewildered, but Dr. Duffy comprehensively touched on nearly every issue I was experiencing without me having to express them to him.


My course of treatment with Dr. Duffy did wonders for me. One week having three treatments per day changed my life; after returning home, I closed my incompletes, and was able to read and write like my former self. Further, I regained the confidence to argue with the school to restore my normal AP heavy schedule, as they had wanted to limit me to taking only 3 classes my senior year. I attained a perfect score on the ACT, something only 1,407 students did that year, was nominated to be a Presidential Scholar, one of 3,900 candidates in the country, and was a National Merit Scholar finalist, one of 7,600. Finally, I was accepted to my dream school, an Ivy League institution that I wouldn’t have dreamed of attending were it not for Dr. Duffy.

Matthew W.


These two amazing doctors have pushed me farther and helped me gain more in 6 months than the past 6 years of physical therapy. And more than that, they're just super nice people who are incredibly supportive of Brain Injury Association of Georgia and volunteer their time, energy and weekends to help out in any way we need. There's not enough good I can say about Dr. Patterson, Dr. Duffy, Leslie, and Innova Brain Rehabilitation!



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