An New Approach to Treatment

As your brain changes, so should your therapy. This yields results in real time. 

How can treating areas of poor brain function help my symptoms?

Your brain controls your body. Poor brain function leads to poor bodily function, which you experience in the form of symptoms. When our doctors know which parts of your brain need help, they target those areas with rehabilitation.

Our innovative exercises  gradually stimulate and strengthen the injured areas of your brain to create new connections to other brain cells (i.e. neurons). Innova Brain doctors perform this rewiring process with the utmost care and under constant monitoring to ensure that the weakened or compromised areas of your brain aren't pushed too hard. Rewiring your brain’s circuitry takes time, repetition, and proper intensity. As your brain experiences neuroplastic change, symptoms can begin to resolve.

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What kinds of unique therapies are offered at Innova Brain Rehabilitation?

Your brain is constantly changing. It physically changes when you send a text, kick a soccer ball, or listen to music. Chiropractic neurologists utilize the brain’s plastic nature to make desired changes in your neurological function. Rewiring takes place with careful and specific modifications to your pathways.  

Our doctors are trained to know which senses (touch, vision, smell, etc.), movements, and other activities stimulate certain areas of your brain. For instance, one function of the cerebellum is coordinating body movement. Innova doctors will move specific limbs in certain directions to stimulate different areas of the cerebellum to help it grow and change. Improving the function of your cerebellum can create better balance, coordination of thoughts and movements, and speech. This is just one example of the many unique, non-invasive, rehabilitation exercises at Innova Brain.

Further examples of therapies that can be customized for each patient include: whole body rotational therapy (Gyrostim), complex movements, oculomotor exercises (eye movement exercises), light, sound, timing drills, vestibular rehabilitation, and gait training. 

Therapies designed for your brain

Your treatment may be very different from someone else with the same diagnosis. Some conditions have commonly involved brain areas, such as Parkinson's Disease and the substantia nigra, ADHD and the frontal lobes, and vertigo and processing of information from the inner ear. However, problems may be present in other areas of your neurology as well. The brain is a complex network, much like a "game of telephone." When issues arise in one area, the miscommunication gets passed down the chain. Our doctors rehabilitate the part of the chain where information isn't being passed along accurately. One ADHD patient may perform frontal lobe exercises, while another performs cerebellum exercises.

Everyone's brain is unique, so each Innova Brain patient gets exercises specific to their brain. Our patients are carefully monitored during each therapeutic exercise to challenge the brain to strengthen with optimum efficiency. As your brain changes with your therapy, the exercises are adapted, added to, or modified to meet the ever-changing state of your brain, maximizing recovery.

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